• Sungrow has set up consultancy services in France, Germany, Italy, Austria, the United States, Canada, Australia, and many other countries to provide you with professional project assistance to plan and design your own solar power installation according to your exact objectives and needs.
    Our senior engineers have many years of PV power plant design experience and are able to develop custom solutions that exactly fit your specifications and needs. We will take every detail into account, from the proposed design profile, your budget, timing, power generation capacity and the projected savings in carbon dioxide emissions.
    To enable you to operate your PV power installation smoothly and routinely, we offer comprehensive training that covers all possibilities. Our professional training courses range from the basics of solar power to the specifics of modern grid compatibility, from the exotic to the day-to-day maintenance and operation.
    Even with remote access and interconnected networking, some issues need to be resolved live and on-site. Our technical service engineers will gladly provide you with professional and in-depth debugging services according to your requirements to ensure that your project will be successfully completed on time and in budget.